Risk Management

Risk Management

with sophisticated risk management controls

XCore offers great flexibility for a-book, b-book and custom execution models, allowing clients to fine-tune their settings. All changes are applied in real-time and trade flows can be switched between execution modes seamlessly. Through extensive reporting capabilities, the platform provides visibility over all trade flows, enabling brokers to efficiently monitor and manage their books.

Additional comprehensive risk management settings, such as setting limits on individual currency exposure, symbol exposure, and the level of risk being internalised or sent to external LPs (Liquidity Providers), are also available.

Key Features

  • Set global limits, per symbol, per currency & time-frame exposure limits
  • Client flow netting, whilst remaining within pre-defined risk limits
  • Monitor risk parameters in real-time
  • Manually intervene to offset risk to LPs
  • Automatically overflow risked volume to LPs
  • Track in real-time any volume sent to LPs as overflow
  • Ability to configure and manage a-book exposure with LPs
  • Limit exposure during particularly volatile times, such as major news events

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