Enterprise Firewall

Enterprise Firewall

A Solid Layer Of Security Around your Data

PrimeXM Enterprise Firewall Service offers a solid layer of security around your data and plays an important role in our multi-stage defense strategy for your data and servers . 

With data protection laws becoming more stringent and regulators imposing heavy fines on companies. Institutions are looking to increase their security to combat the threat from online attacks.

Many companies are not covered by the protection and scalability of an embedded Windows Firewall on their servers, resulting in gaps in their security infrastructure and increasing the risk of data loss or hacking.

Default Firewalls can also be viewed as insufficient security measures by insurance companies resulting in a lack of coverage and the company bearing the risk of litigation and fines.

PrimeXM Enterprise Firewall Benefits

  • Protect against revenue loss
  • Control the escalation of IT security costs
  • Protect mission critical applications
  • Continuous risk assessment via automation
  • Security Fabric integration
  • Enterprise class security management
  • Fully managed by PrimeXM’s cybersecurity experts

Key Features

  • IPsec tunnels - ensuring end to end encryption of data
  • SSL Inspection - securing the servers from HTTPS attacks and POP3s, SMTPS, FTPS
  • Securing remote connectivity over VPN
  • Stateful Inspection - monitoring all data packet to check for anomalies
  • Antivirus software
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) - prevent the attacker from gaining further access to the system by blocking IP addresses, ports, or packet formats
  • Web filtering
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) - to ensure sensitive data is protected and not lost to ensure compliance of PII, PHI and GDPR regulation
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) - protecting web traffic from cross site forgery, cross site scripting, SQL injection

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