Connectivity as a Service

Connectivity as a Service

Dedicated Connectivity Solutions

Utilising our extensive, robust global infrastructure, PrimeXM offers tailored, dedicated connectivity solutions for clients looking to improve their connectivity globally and for those looking to provide connectivity services to their own clients. We are constantly adding new cross connects to our list and we are able to add new ones upon request.

Cross Connects


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Case study: Shanghai to London

To facilitate improvements in connectivity from mainland China, we implemented a fast, reliable, secure connection from China to London. The net result of this is increased stability and faster connectivity.

Case study: New York to London

We implemented a low latency leased line solution for our New York based clients, reducing the round-trip time for connecting to their London liquidity to 63ms. This negated the need to go over unprotected, unreliable, and slower Internet routes.

Case study: Tokyo to New York

For one Tokyo based client, we dramatically improved connectivity to their liquidity in New York by directing traffic via our low latency leased line. This has resulted in a 136ms round-trip time between Tokyo and New York.

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