As a pure technology provider, the core of our offering consists of an ultra-low latency order management and reporting engine – the XCore. This highly modular and scalable solution facilitates connectivity to a vast range of FX service providers as well as distribution of liquidity to other entities. Flexible modules govern the behavior of the system, enabling brokers to simultaneously target institutions, professional traders and retail clients. With dedicated XCore instances deployed for hundreds of financial institutions and brokers around the globe, this rapidly growing community allows its members efficient exchange of liquidity and extended market reach through our trusted brand.


PrimeXM offers custom hosting solutions with dedicated resources which can span across multiple data center locations. This co-location ensures sub-millisecond communication with more than 100 global-leading market makers, Tier-1 banks and ECNs, through our dedicated fiber connections. Clients are able to choose the most suitable solution from our dedicated and custom co-location options. As real time low latency applications have specific requirements in terms of performance, in addition to location and appropriate hardware infrastructure, allocating resources correctly is vital. PrimeXM’s offering is carefully designed and resources are never shared between clients, which guarantees optimal peak performance for FX applications.


To meet the high demands of the FX market place, PrimeXM has chosen Equinix LD4 (in London, United Kingdom), Equinix NY4 (in New York, United States) and Equinix TY3 (in Tokyo, Japan), the world’s leading sites for FX co-located low latency connectivity, as our infrastructure hubs. All our data centers are equipped with state of the art hardware at each level: application servers, storage solutions, network devices, dedicated fiber connections and redundant Internet Service Provider (ISP) connectivity. Each of our data center setups is fully owned and designed with the focus on real time applications, enabling us to offer our clients a secure, redundant and low latency environment.

About Us

PrimeXM is a leading technology provider to the global financial industry. Our key business focus is providing cutting edge aggregation software, ultra-low-latency connectivity, institutional grade hosting solutions and high end MT4/MT5 Bridging and White Labels.

Established in 2010 we operate on an international scale with offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Limassol and Shanghai. We are privileged to have a highly talented and dynamic work force in all key departments, made up of top industry professionals, covering 19 nationalities. Over 250 financial institutions worldwide choose PrimeXM as their trusted technology partner.