Bridge and White Label Solutions

PrimeXM offers a turn-key solution for those clients looking to utilize the MetaTrader technology, either via MT4/MT5 bridge technology or a fully managed white label solution.

Both solutions are offered on PrimeXM’s market leading hosted infrastructure, linked to a dedicated XCore instance, and represent high-performance, cost-efficient, ultra-low latency solutions.

MetaTrader Solutions


MT4 Bridge and MT5 Gateway are powerful yet light-weight server side plugins which connect MT platforms to the client’s XCore order management and reporting engine

White Label

PrimeXM’s White Label offering combines PrimeXM’s technology, hosting and administration services together with a fully branded MT4 and MT5 trading platform.

MT Analytics

PrimeXM MetaTrader Analytics is a powerful reporting and analytics tool, that allows users to run a variety of trade reports for a specified time interval.

Extended Features

  • Coverage functionality for MetaTrader Servers

    Set up accounts within the Metatrader platforms. The accounts facilitate monitoring and exposure tracking by recording trades executed in the XCORE

  • Metatrader Web Administrator

    Through an intuitive web browser interface, the Metatrader4 and Metatrader5 web administration tool facilitates management of client setups from any devise

  • Metatrader Server Management

    Entrust your Metatrader server environments to our team of experts, which will ensure the highest operational standards by utilizing PrimeXM's Metatrader Server Management Service

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