MT Analytics

real time position and exposure analytics

PrimeXM MT Analytics is a powerful reporting and analytics tool, that allows users to run a variety of trade reports for a specified time interval. It also offers valuable business insight through real-time positions and exposure monitoring, client profiling based on trading activity for all trades processed within the MetaTrader Server for any combination of groups and accounts.

Key features

  • Generate Orders Reports i.e for closed trades, two entries will appear for each side of the trade

  • Generate Trades Reports i.e for closed trades, one entry will appear for both sides of the trade

  • Real-Time tracking and monitoring of accumulated open position

  • Real-Time tracking and monitoring of currency exposure

  • Real-Time tracking and monitoring of Value at Risk (VaR)

  • Client profiling and classification based on historical trading activity

mt-exposure analytics
PrimeXM Web Trading UI - Our state of the art trading interface - EURUSD chart

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