Our infrastructure

To meet the high demands of the FX market place, PrimeXM has chosen EQUINIX LD4 (in London, United Kingdom), EQUINIX NY4 (in New York, United States) and EQUINIX TY3 (in Tokyo, Japan), the world’s leading sites for FX co-located low latency connectivity, as our infrastructure hubs.

All our data centers are equipped with state of the art hardware at each level: application servers, storage solutions, network devices, dedicated fiber connections and redundant ISP connectivity.

Each of our data center setups is fully owned and designed with the focus on real time applications, enabling us to offer our clients a secure, redundant and low latency environment.


To ensure ultra-low latency connectivity, PrimeXM has established direct dedicated fiber links (cross connects) to the global-leading market makers, Tier-1 banks and ECNs. The rapidly growing infrastructure currently consists of more than 50 cross connects at each of our data center locations and is projected to expand constantly in the future. For Internet connectivity, we have contracted with several Tier 1 Internet Service Providers (ISPs), achieving optimized and redundant routes to most locations around the globe. Traffic is load balanced through our dedicated ISP lines ensuring stability and continuation of service in case of ISP failures. Additionally, the network is carefully provisioned to handle huge traffic spikes in case of significant financial events.


The infrastructure has been designed to be resilient at each level, to comply with the requirements of the financial industry. For the application servers, “hot” stand-by hardware has been provisioned, ready to continue the service with no or minimal downtime. The core networking components (routers, firewalls and switches) are run in paired mode, allowing for real-time redundancy. For data storage, redundant solutions have been chosen to ensure the highest level of availability and consistency. Additionally, all hardware has been purchased with strict SLAs from the manufacturers, guaranteeing the replacement of faulty units within hours. Internet connectivity redundancy is achieved through the aggregation of at least 3 ISPs in each data center location providing the setup with the highest level of connectivity up time.


Our enterprise Cisco and Arista networking equipment allows in-house experts to create a secure environment for our clients, restricting access to sensitive data. Strict access policies are applied at each level of the infrastructure for both external and internal communication, ensuring each client setup is isolated. Following the highest security standards, periodic maintenance, software updates and audit operations are performed on all components and configurations, to minimize vulnerabilities.

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