Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting solutions occupy the upper strata of the FX hosting performance spectrum. The major advantage of having a dedicated hosting solution is access to full server resources, enhanced performance and security. Clients can provision setups with adequate resources in a cost-efficient way, guaranteeing the optimal functionality at a period of peak load, when performance is most critical, without being impacted by the activity of others. Furthermore, our hosting infrastructure is provisioned on the same network segment as our XCore systems, ensuring direct connectivity to liquidity providers.

In-house real-time monitoring together with continuous upgrades throughout our infrastructure, including the latest DDoS mitigation mechanisms, ensures maximum performance and system up-time.

With 6 years of experience in providing low latency hosting, a dedicated hosting plan from PrimeXM is the solution that will empower any business with a solid and scalable foundation. As the business requirements increase, further resources can be allocated efficiently at any time and without overhead. Furthermore, taking advantage of our global hosting infrastructure, additional servers can be deployed quickly, at any of our data center locations, allowing clients to expand their setup to new markets and mitigate risk.

Hosted customers will benefit from complimentary access to our advanced monitoring platform. From this interface, users are able to configure custom notifications regarding the health status of the hosted instances, examine historical data, manage capacity planning and proactive recovery.