Connectivity as a Service

PrimeXM provides tailored dedicated connectivity solutions for clients ranging from start-ups to large financial entities. Due to our extensive and robust infrastructure, we are able to offer connectivity as a service to our customers and furthermore to customers of their own.

Below are a few solutions we have recently implemented.


Improved connectivity from mainland China has been a subject of many conversations in the FX industry lately. To address this we have implemented a stable, fast connection from China to London which bypasses the great firewall of China. The net result of this is increased stability and faster connectivity.

In this example, New York based clients were able to connect to their London liquidity via our Low Latency Leased Line and reduce the round trip to 65ms, as opposed to going over unprotected, unreliable, and slower Internet routes.

For this customer, original setup was for Tokyo based clients to connect over the Internet to customer’s liquidity in New York. We were able to dramatically improve that by directing the traffic via our Low Latency Leased Line (136ms) between Tokyo and New York.

Many other tailored and bespoke solutions are available, please get in touch with one of our team members.