January 8th, 2019, PrimeXM, the global leader in financial technology solutions has obtained an independent assurance report under non-audit assurance standard for the period 1/1/2018 – 30/6/2018 and completed penetration testing for protection against security attacks in September 2018, further proving the company’s reliability towards customers in the financial industry and its role as third party which deals with sensitive data. The ISAE 3000 engagement has been executed in line with the SOC 2 Trust Services Principles and in particular for the Security, Availability and Confidentiality categories. Both audits were conducted by the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Cyprus – Risk Assurance department.

PwC is a globally recognised audit and assurance organisation which helps protect service providers by assessing their defences and proposing solutions. PwC’s opinion on PrimeXM’s services is included in the ISAE 3000 report, which covers PrimeXM’s XCore, Connectivity and Hosting services.

“At PrimeXM, we have always maintained the highest security processes throughout our operations” PrimeXM, Head of Global Infrastructure, George Swann commented about the newest security certification received by the company this year. “Hiring PwC was a further mean to ensure that utmost safety measures are implemented and our clients receive the best possible services”.

PrimeXM is a leading technology provider offering connectivity and hosting services to more than 250 companies in the financial industry, making its security measures of the utmost importance.

PwC uses realistic threat based external penetration testing, reports any gaps in security to the client and retests to ensure all suggested changes have been implemented. PrimeXM underwent external penetration and post remediation regression tests executed through PwC’s proven Penetration Testing Methodology (PTM). The tests covered provision of the  ISAE 3000 requirements for PrimeXM’s XCore software, its connectivity services – which include the cross-connect service – and hosting services.

PwC testing allows PrimeXM to meet the increasing collaborations, compliance, identity management and security demands, it also helps with avoiding any breach of regulatory requirements. PwC reports are available to our clients upon request adding to PrimeXM’s proven transparency policy.

PrimeXM connects clients to hundreds of liquidity providers across an ultra-low latency network with a cutting edge aggregation engine, enabling its clients to offer the highest performing trading experience in the market. In addition, it has recently received the ISO 27001 certification for its highly secure and trustworthy information management.

The ISAE 3000 assurance engagement will be updated on annual basis covering the period July to June in an effort to demonstrate to our clients our commitment to be transparent for the continuous operational effectiveness of our promises.