PrimeXM is delighted to announce that we sponsored the leading sailing race of 2017, the World Match Racing Tour Shenzhen China Cup, which was held between October 24th and 29th. The event was a great success and it allowed 26,000 sailing aficionados to witness a truly exhilarating race first hand, while more than 3.3 million had the opportunity to watch the broadcast race.

The WMRT is one of the leading regattas and it attracts the world’s best sailors and Olympic winners. This was the tour’s first foray into China and it is expected that after the success of this year’s event, this sailing highlight will be propelled on the Asian calendar as a world leading event.

The finals held a lot of surprises for the millions of spectators as it was expected that champion, Phil Robertson would win, however Torvar Mirsky defied the odds and was crowned as the Match Racing World Champion. As Mirsky commented, taking the championship home was inevitable as:

“We just had a momentum build. Every race we were getting better. We felt like we were on a roll that couldn’t be stopped, and it didn’t.”

Torvar Mirsky

The regatta took place outside the New Sport Ocean Sports Centre which is located at Daya Bay, at the east coast of Shenzhen, the high-tech and manufacturing hub of southern China. More specifically, PrimeXM sponsored two M32 catamarans racing in the finals on October 28th and 29th. The opportunity to sponsor the WMRT race in China allowed PrimeXM to sponsor an event that showcases our passion for the sport of competitive sailing. Moreover, with a growing presence in China, PrimeXM was excited to sponsor an event close to our Asian client base.

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*images courtesy of  WMRT