*This interview was originally published on e-Forex.

PrimeXM CEO, Cristian Vlasceanu, recently spoke with e-Forex about network and hosting solutions and how these can aid in creating a high-performing, ultra-low latency trading environment. Among the many things the interview touches upon is the specific design required for hosting a reliable trading environment, including tailoring systems to cater to needs created by volatile market events, as well as the importance of focusing on connectivity as a solution.

The interview also focuses on the need to select a strategic location for the setup, as collocating trading servers and execution engine in the same data centre suites as liquidity providers ensures “the lowest travel times for trade requests”. PrimeXM’s extensive experience in this area has demonstrated that clients who have hosted their trading severs with us have significantly benefited from the close proximity of their servers to their XCore and chosen liquidity sources. Mr. Vlasceanu also emphasises the need to invest in enterprise level hardware and efficient software in order to create an optimal trading environment.

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