PrimeXM CEO, Cristian Vlasceanu, gave an exclusive interview to Finance Magnates where he shared his expertise on a number of topics that are shaping the future of the financial trading industry, including the most challenging aspects of ensuring uninterrupted service for a brokerage and what factors brokers need to take into account when choosing a connectivity provider.

As Mr. Vlasceanu noted it is vital for the entire setup to be able to cater to the intense demands of the trading industry. This means that systems need to have a solid foundation with cutting-edge technology in order to be able to deal with micro-bursts, buffer overflow and volatile market events, while redundancy also plays a critical role.

“Full geographic and on-premise redundancy with automatic failover in case of hardware failure can be crucial. All equipment must run in paired mode, and it is also vital to make high-level network configurations for automatic backup routes.”

The conversation also explored the ways in which brokers can optimise their trading environment, which as Mr. Vlasceanu observed has a lot to do with hosting and placing your trading platforms and execution engines in the same datacenters as your liquidity sources.

Mr. Vlasceanu also pointed out the significance of scalability when choosing a connectivity provider as it is important to cater to both your current and future needs.

“It is important for your system to be able to grow as your business grows and while many connectivity providers can support either small startups or bigger financial institutions, few can scale their offering to meet the growing needs of a brokerage.”

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