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PrimeXM provides technology and hosting solutions that will help you build the most high-performing trading environment

We have helped more than 250 leading financial institutions build up their reputation in the industry and provide a reliable trading environment for their clients.

Our expertise and know-how can help you too!

  • Do you want access to 120+ leading liquidity sources, including Tier-1 banks and exchanges?

  • Do you want to achieve ultra-low latency connectivity?

  • Are you looking for a centralized environment to manage liquidity and risk?

  • Are you looking to connect MT4/MT5 and FIX interfaces to the same instance?

  • Do you want to monitor trading activity and run reports across all market makers and takers in real time?

  • Are you looking to connect to an ecosystem trusted by more than 250 financial institutions?

  • Do you want to be in charge of your hosting setup?

  • Are you interested in an MT4/MT5 white label that you can fully customise?

  • Do you want to host your platform in the leading FX data centres?

  • Are you looking for MT4/MT5 bridging and gateway technology?

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