XCore Features


Leveraging our Hosting Infrastructure, the XCore is currently integrated with over 150 industry-leading market makers and tier-one banks, giving the client the freedom to choose any liquidity partners and venues without technology constraints. Support for a wide variety of popular front-ends, allows XCore owners to provide their liquidity to both retail and institutional clients. Additionally, to cater for requirements of our clients, the number of supported providers and platforms is constantly increasing, as new integrations are completed. This approach fuels the growth of our clients and allows them to diversify through the use of a single technology provider.

Market Maker

XCore owners have the ability to distribute their own liquidity by connecting a broad range of front-end platforms and venues to their XCore environment, ensuring consolidated and centralized management over all trade flows.


To cater for the retail space, clients are able to connect the world’s most popular trading platform, MetaTrader 4, through PrimeXM’s MT4 Bridge.


Using the industry standard FIX protocol, PrimeXM has developed its own custom FIX 4.4 API. This allows virtually any platform, developed in-house or by a third party, to interact with the XCore. Currently, a large variety of platform providers as well as institutional traders have integrated to this API, giving the XCore owners a free choice of ready compatible front ends as well as potential institutional clients.


The XCore provides highly customizable support for FIX 4.2 – 5.0 compliant interfaces as well as other low latency API protocols, enabling brokers to extend their liquidity offering as makers into other trading venues and aggregators.

Market Taker

The large variety of supported liquidity providers gives the XCore owner the ability to create custom and flexible liquidity solutions in any of our strategic locations. Liquidity providers can be added to or removed from the setup at any time encouraging competition between providers. Our in-house experts can advise on how to efficiently compose and optimize liquidity overall and to meet specific client needs.

Liquidity Aggregation

The XCore supports multi-tiered best bid/offer aggregation leading to better spreads and superior execution throughout and especially on high trading volumes. Clients can take advantage of the high variety of supported providers to create an optimal mix of liquidity. An unlimited number of liquidity pools can be defined and customized on a per symbol and time frame basis. Additionally, a set of built-in mechanisms ensure the quality of the feed with features such as anti-spike protection and filtration of latent quotes.

Post-Trade Processing & Reporting

The XCore supports direct connectivity for flexible real-time reporting to prime brokers, third party post-trade service providers and back-office systems. XCore owners have the ability to connect with liquidity providers through own prime broker relationships, as well as service clients that require single or multiple prime broker give-ups.

Order Routing & Execution

The XCore supports complex and dynamic routing rules based on different clients, symbols, order types, trade sizes, target LPs, etc. An unlimited number of markup profiles can be defined and customized on a per symbol and time frame basis ensuring optimal settings for various offerings and market conditions.

Risk Management

The XCore offers great flexibility for a-book, b-book and custom execution models, allowing clients to fine tune the settings down to the level of individual symbols and accounts. All changes are applied in real-time and trade flows can be switched between execution modes seamlessly. Additionally, through the extensive reporting capabilities, the platform provides visibility over all or individual trade flows enabling brokers to efficiently monitor and manage their books.