In the highly competitive world of FX it is essential for brokers to have many mediums to attract and retain clients. To this end, PrimeXM has developed a state of the art, low-latency trading GUI for our clients to offer professional FX traders. Bespoke charting capabilities, fully customisable layouts, and an intuitive FX trading GUI allows brokers using our innovative technologies to be one step ahead from other FX brokers, that simply offer one generic trading platform.

Key Features

  • Intuitive user friendly interface
  • Customisable layouts, accommodating canvas for everyone’s preferences
  • Advanced market watch feature containing market depth
  • Real-time position snap shot, including margin and running PnL
  • Historical position reporting and statistics
  • Charts support bespoke timeframes and reflect the client’s real price stream
  • Multiple order types supported including Market, Limit, Stop
  • Order fill policies include FOK and IOC

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