MT4/MT5 Bridge

Specialized in electronic financial trading technology, PrimeXM has developed an ultra low-latency MT4 and MT5 Bridge facilitating a host of solutions which ensure our clients’ competitive edge. This high performance plug-in connects MetaTrader platforms to our order management and reporting engine, the XCore, bringing an institutional grade aggregation and connectivity solution to the MT4/MT5 retail world.

PrimeXM’s MT4/MT5 Bridge is a powerful yet light-weight server side plug-in which connects MetaTrader platforms to the client’s XCore engine. Its sophisticated synchronization mechanisms ensure consistency between MT4/MT5 platforms and the XCore while full support for parallel processing allows maximum throughput at low latency. Complex execution rules can be configured in real time, and fine tuned down to the level of individual MT4/MT5 accounts, symbols, order types, etc.

  • Ultra-light weight server side plug-ins
  • Full support for parallel processing
  • Capable of processing 1000’s of trades per second
  • Sophisticated synchronization mechanisms to XCore
  • Complex order routing capabilities to level of accounts, symbols, order types, time frame, LPs, etc.
  • Partial fill and sweep the book capabilities

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