Tailored Hosting Solutions

Our Hosting Infrastructure has been designed to meet the highest demands of ultra low latency trading, in terms of connectivity, stability and traffic load. By housing their own choice of hardware in our environment, clients with the most restrictive requirements, such as institutions running High Frequency Trading (HFT) models, can benefit from this exclusive setup. Our in-house specialists are able to advise in the hardware design, as well as order and install the dedicated servers into our cages.

Co-located hosting

We can facilitate hosting your own equipment in our cabinets located in our low latency suites at either LD4, NY4 or TY3 data-centers. This scenario allows for a stress-free setup, avoiding the costs of setting up a private infrastructure, for instance routers, firewalls, storage arrays etc. It also takes care of redundancy and resilience. By hosting your equipment with us you are ensuring 99.9% up-time environmental operation. Your equipment will be connected directly into our own infrastructure with an absolute optimal path to your liquidity. This product is very popular with HFTs and resource draining algorithm runners.

Tailored server build

Our dedicated hosting team can build tailor made servers based on your specifications and advise on resource utilization based on your requirements. All equipment is ordered from a top brand and purchase is absolutely transparent to the buyer.

Crème de la crème

We have also partnered up with extreme server builders offering absolutely the highest standard in processing power, up to 4 times faster than an off the shelf product. They achieve these performance benchmarks by overclocking already top end CPUs and Memory. This peak performance partnered with proximity to liquidity and our nano second processing switches simply cannot be beaten and is an absolute pinnacle of FX hosting.

Please get in touch with one of our representatives to discuss your requirements.