Direct Trader Connectivity

In the competitive world of FX trading, speed and reliability is everything. That is exactly why at PrimeXM we now offer traders direct connectivity to our ultra-fast switches that operate at an unparalleled 380 nanoseconds at full load. This offers traders the fastest route to XCore liquidity providers and external liquidity providers over our cross connect infrastructure.

Besides incredible response times, PrimeXM also offers superior reliability. Dedicated hosting options guarantee prompt order execution and stability. Traffic is load balanced through our dedicated ISP (Internet Service Provider) lines ensuring stability and continuation of service in case of ISP failures. Additionally, the network is carefully provisioned to handle huge traffic spikes in case of significant financial events. All our data centers are equipped with state of the art hardware at each level: application servers, storage solutions, network devices, dedicated fiber connections and redundant ISP connectivity. The core networking components (routers, firewalls, and switches) are run in paired mode, allowing for real-time redundancy.

  • Arista operates at 0.00032 milliseconds.
  • Fastest possible route to reach XCore LPs
  • Fiber to external LPs directly off Arista
  • Full control of the equipment by the customer
  • Full confidentiality
  • Isolated network for each customer
  • Firewalled and protected or choice of own firewall

PrimeXM provides true institutional technology solutions to FX brokers, banks, liquidity providers, hedge funds, asset managers and now also to proprietary trading firms who want to take their trading to the next level.

Clients can either order a dedicated hosted solution, host their equipment with PrimeXM or connect their own infrastructure directly to our switches via a chargeable cross connect. PrimeXM offers the very best tailored hosting solutions to any FX trader or institution, including HFTs (High-Frequency Traders) and algorithmic traders who need unrivaled execution speeds, smart liquidity selection, and intuitive performance.