Dedicated Hosting

With 6 years of experience in providing low latency hosting, a dedicated hosting plan from PrimeXM is the solution that will empower any business with a solid and scalable foundation. As the business requirements increase, further resources can be allocated efficiently at any time and without overhead. Furthermore, taking advantage of our global hosting infrastructure, additional servers can be deployed quickly, at any of our data center locations, allowing clients to expand their setup to new markets and mitigate risk.

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Direct Trader Connectivity

In the competitive world of FX trading, speed and reliability is everything. That is exactly why at PrimeXM we now offer traders direct connectivity to our ultra-fast switches that operate at an unparalleled 380 nanoseconds at full load. This offers traders the fastest route to XCore liquidity providers and external liquidity providers over our cross connect infrastructure.

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Connectivity as a Service

PrimeXM provides tailored dedicated connectivity solutions for clients ranging from start-ups to large financial entities. Due to our extensive and robust infrastructure, we are able to offer connectivity as a service to our customers and furthermore to customers of their own.

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Tailored Hosting Solutions

Our Hosting Infrastructure has been designed to meet the highest demands of ultra low latency trading, in terms of connectivity, stability and traffic load. By housing their own choice of hardware in our environment, clients with the most restrictive requirements, such as institutions running High Frequency Trading (HFT) models, can benefit from this exclusive setup. Our in-house specialists are able to advise in the hardware design, as well as order and install the dedicated servers into our cages.

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